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Tim Westland

I'm a multi-genre Screenwriter based in Southern California.  SciFi, Horror, Drama(dy), and Action/Adventure are my favorites. I thrive on deadlines, write tight visual action and believable dialogue. Equally happy writing solo or with collaborators. I like stuff that's gritty and emotional, but humor is in my script DNA. Positive and upbeat attitude. I work toward Yes. 

To read any of my scripts below, email me at

My scripts run the gamut... from hard Scifi to ribald Dramady to serious Crime Drama to batshit crazy Horror.

Check them out below.

Saluda -  Title Image - more square shaped.jpg
(Feature -  Crime Drama)
A local sheriff and a disillusioned FBI agent must discover who sent a bus full of school kids to the bottom of a lake before a series of related tragedies tears their small town apart.

"Mystic River" meets "Hell or High Water"

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(Dramedy - TV Pilot)

Set in 1978, a young journalist accepts a job writing smut for a porn mag to make ends meet. When people start buying the skin rag "for her articles", her personal and professional lives become... complicated.

"Fleabag meets Ally McBeal"
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space image.jpg
(Scifi - Pilot)
After an alien device catapults the Moon to the farthest edge of the galaxy, the citizens of Tranquility Base must survive an interstellar odyssey in their attempt to return the Moon back to Earth.
"Space 1999 meets Star Trek Voyager"
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(Horror - Feature)
A hunting accident forces five Iraq war vets into the battle of their lives when a crazy backwoods hillbilly with supernatural powers brings his army of reanimated road-kill taxidermy monsters to life to exact a bloody, soul sucking revenge!

"Deliverance meets Pet Semetary"
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pete darling 3 - square.jpg

(Scifi - Feature -or- Limited Series)

When their colony ship is attacked by a spacefaring pirate race known as The Huuk, teen colonist Pete, his sister Wendy, and a ragtag group of kids must find a way to stop the aliens and save humanity.

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(Scifi/Romcom - Feature)

After losing his powers, the former leader of the Superhero Squad must adjust to life as a normal human. When aliens arrive, kidnap his girlfriend, and threaten to destroy the Earth, he must find a way to save humanity without his once awesome abilities.

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aliens poster 2 - edited for the website.jpg

(Scifi - Feature)

Two weeks before Ripley and the Colonial Marines arrived and saved Newt, the colony on LV-426 faced a losing battle with an army of Xenomorphs. This is their story.

It's the "Rogue One" of Aliens!

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(Horror - Feature)

A morbidly obese teen telekinetically controls her disembodied fat to exact revenge on the bullies who tortured her.

"Carrie meets The Blob"

! Screencraft Top 10 Horror Finalist !

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Poster 3 a - Wix.png

(Horror - Feature)

The crew of a U.S. Navy destroyer fights for survival after being attacked by a gigantic deep sea creature. With their ship crippled and sinking, they must defeat the beast or risk being lost to the depths forever.

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(Spec TV Pilot)

Before the Old Republic, a Droid on the planet Ennara battled his creators and won freedom for his kind. A hundred millennia later, with the help of a fugitive Droid built to wield the Force, he'll show the Galaxy what freedom really means.

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markiss 5.jpg
smaller NEW POSTER PNG.jpg

(Drama/Thriller - TV Pilot)

A world famous psychiatrist, suffering from a degenerative brain disease, must prevent a power hungry secret organization from using his revolutionary discoveries to control humanity.

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(Horror - Feature)

A woman is forced to travel a twisted route through a freak snow storm, and her own haunted past, in order to save her kidnapped daughter from an unstoppable supernatural murderer.

Also adapted to a Comic Book series and Graphic novel, published by IDW.

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