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D R A M A   S C R I P T S

Crime Drama. Edgy Dramedy. Psychological Thriller. Both Features and TV Pilots

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(Feature -  Crime Drama)
A local sheriff and a disillusioned FBI agent must discover who sent a bus full of school kids to the bottom of a lake before a series of related tragedies tears their small town apart.

"Mystic River" meets "Hell or High Water"

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(Dramedy - TV Pilot)

Set in 1978, a young journalist accepts a job writing smut for a porn mag to make ends meet. When people start buying the skin rag "for her articles", her personal and professional lives become... complicated.

"Fleabag meets Ally McBeal"
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(Drama/Thriller - TV Pilot)

A world famous psychiatrist, suffering from a degenerative brain disease, must prevent a power hungry secret organization from using his revolutionary discoveries to control humanity.

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